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Namn:Clara Norell
Postadress:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö

Clara Norell
Short description in English:

Since 2012 I work as the Director of ISU - Institute for Sustainable Urban Development (http://isumalmo.se/), a joint venture between Malmö University and Malmö City. The Institutes’ work-format is unique with more than 10 years’ experience as an arena for co-operation/co-production between, academics and practitioners, researchers and civil servants and also private- and nonprofit sector. A penta-helix set-up. We work with Agenda 2030 and are very familiar with the 17 sustainable development goals. These past 6 years at ISU has taught me so much and given me experience of horizontal, cross-sector and interdisciplinary collaboration. I have developed a deep humbleness to what it means to be a leader. As the Director I lead the ISU-team and respond to a board consisting of Malmö University (Principal Office, Urban Studies and K3/Arts, Culture and Communication) and Malmö City (Environmental Department, Cultural Department and City Planning Department). The team: ISU ”Gränsgångare”, so called ”Boundary Agents”: ten individuals, employed by either the municipality (civil servants) or the university (senior researchers), who work 10 – 30 % within ISUs' projects and budget-frame.

The Gränsgångar-initiative was established in 2013 with the aim of strengthening the cooperation between Malmö University and Malmö City on regards to sustainable urban development. The collaborative form has meant that ISUs’ mother-organizations can broaden and deepen perspectives and discourses with the aim of raising the quality of urban development work. It has been important that the different experiences and competences of the municipality and the university can form the basis of a common lifelong learning. During my 6 years as the Director of ISU, we have increased from four to ten Gränsgångare/Boundary Agents.

However; one of the my key-learnings from these six years is to be a facilitator, a mediator or even an interpretator between institutions and organizations mentioned above. Where the work-culture and communication can vary a lot. The difference in culture is sometimes so vast that a facilitator is needed. The neutral part, which I have been, can take a step back, listen and try to summarize the identified needs. I have learned to mirror the needs of the organizations and who to suggest as different kinds of expertize and knowledge to bring on board to meet the needs of identified challenges of various sustainable urban development projects- and processes.

I am a construction engineer – educated in Sweden, at Malmö University, as well as a civil engineer education in South Africa, at Cape Technikon Peninsula University. I have been living on and off in Gugulethu, a township outside of Cape Town, since 2003 and thereby also first-hand experience of living without access to clean water. Since then my primary focus and life-project is to target the water crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, starting with combating the water-drought in Cape Town by creating an innovative sustainable housing infrastructure for the Citys´ poorer population. My Bachelor thesis with the title " Renewable energy – and water system in South Africa, as part of RDP-housing projects. Economical, technical and ecological comparison" can be found here: https://muep.mau.se/handle/2043/21356

I was part of founding SSACC -Swedish – Southern African Chamber of Commerce (http://ssacc.se/home/) 2013 and has been a boardmember since. I do this work pro-bono.

My spare time is all about music, nature and family