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Lärande och samhälle Centrum för akademiskt lärarskap --- Universitetsadjunkt Adam Gray

Namn:Adam Gray
Telefon: 040-6657272
Besöksadress:Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Rum: Niagara, B801, Plan 8, Miljöer/lokaler/kartor
Postadress:Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö

Adam Gray

Adam Gray, Assistant Lecturer (Adjunkt) in English with a specialization in Academic Writing, and Theatre Acting,

Short description in English:

SKILLS: Excellent people skills and particularly good at teaching by making difficult ideas simple and clear. Teaching and curriculum design for ESL, academic writing, grammar and punctuation, rhetoric and presentation skills, dramatic literature and acting. Digital e-learning. EXPERIENCE: Malmö University, Sweden | 2002 to present. Assistant Lecturer (Adjunct) of English, with a specialization in Academic Writing, & Theatre, in the Department of Language & Linguistics. Developed several courses for undergraduates, focusing on helping students who have English as a second language to succeed at academic writing. I have also developed theatre courses within the English Studies Program. Additionally, I have digitalized my English courses, using a web-based learning platform for filming lectures and grading.
EDUCATION: BA in Drama & History | 1992 | Trinity Western University; B.Ed. in Theatre & History | 2002 | The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education; BA in English Studies | 2012 | Malmö University; TESL & TESOL | 2009 |British College of Teachers. (Teaching English as a Second Language & Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)